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Single mother, lover of her country and customs, she arrives at indigenous communities where she falls in love with the smiles, humility, beliefs of every corner, humanized and dedicated to be able to unearth the CAPTIVE ART that she managed to find, on her way, committed to helping the artisans in Mexico who with the generations of their ancestors teach them how to do different activities such as weaving, dyeing, embroidery and creating new crafts that are lost over time.

Determined, exporting to different countries and selling to hotels in large productions, she is forced to look for new talents from Mexican artisans to make known a small heart of Mexico.

Her first inventory was 8 recycled plastic bags, little by little with dedication she was able to grow and achieve large quantities where she was forced to have a warehouse and thus supply her clients, so that they can choose the standard colors of their Mexican bags.

This is the story ..

How was Lilia born?

“It is born in humanizing our lives. When there is a breaking point with some difficult situation, one tries to maintain peace and looks for a bit of humanity in it, for the same reason I look for new horizons, I found magical people, talented in their artisan crafts where your mexican product a plastic bag type market bag with mexican colors handmade by artisans captivated me

As a child I saw that my mother at each event where she was invited wore with great pride different Mexican jewelry, huipiles, bags, earrings, carved stones, where she captivated any place she witnessed in simplicity and originality, this was instilled in me both by her and by my father. being an architect and a lover of all Mexican culture thanks to them I managed to fall in love with every Mexican corner!

There is much to do and much to discover, I will continue giving myself the task of offering you and sharing as much as I can about our traditions!!

My focus is not to lose these talents or these crafts that can be discontinued over time due to lack of tradition and communication, with this I always try to let them make their typical patterns and colors so that they continue to express feelings through art. . As well as I suggest some combinations to follow with the current fashion that we have in seasons or special requests for hotels, special events, or groups, not only the typical Mexican bags of the markets.

I see suppliers that inflate prices or are resellers, I am only the connection with the manufacturers so that the artisans can have a fair payment for their products. fairtrade

To achieve this goal and have clients on a large scale, I need essential sales tools to be able to have the necessary number of clients and keep the artisans busy all year round, special events, groups, amenities, personalized gifts, home decoration or simply sales. retail etc …

What were the first obstacles?

One of the main obstacles is to have a stock where you can have all the models, patterns, colors, and combination of colors exactly the same and keep a stock of each of them… it is impossible to date due to lack of solvency, and logistics Normally, clients contact us and ask us for the pattern they like with the colors they need for a special event or simply for their clients, we can make up 300 bags per week to give them attention, and remembering that they are handmade

That is another point as an obstacle, the product is handmade and differs between 1-2 cm in size one with the other, not all of them can be exactly the same… haha it is not a factory…

Are they original designs?

Totally, these artisans have a lot of ingenuity to invent and have a lot of practice they can make words or even figures when they weave without problem, they can also manipulate shapes very well, we also have new models that no other brand has such as personalized bag orders .. a bag only

Why have they been so successful?

“They are vintage, traditional and with the colors that are combined you can make very elegant or modern combinations, they are not heavy and with a simple water they wash very easily without damaging the fabric or its art. In everyday life you can use them for everything you need, so we unearth the captive art that we have as a Mexican bag and show them as a tote bag. The wholesale prices that we handle are very accessible and can help other people to spread this same message.

I think it is very important as a woman to take advantage of the fact that we have our children and be with them as long as possible, but it is also important to keep ourselves busy in business and to go out with something of our own. On this occasion we are supporting these two causes so that during free hours they can do and also taking care of our own.

How do you sell wholesale?

These Mexican bags made by hand by artisans is a product that lasts a lifetime, it is very comfortable and many people see it as a good business and wholesale purchases choosing a variety of products that can facilitate their load is a friendly accessory for anyone, we can ship to any part of the world it can be an excellent amenity for a room gift and for a beach bag in hotels and boutique hotels

Carolina Herrera inspired by mexico

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